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Baywei Multibeam Sonar Series: Easy-to-use system, affordable surveying!

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About Products

Baywei M5 Multibeam Sonar
with Integrated GNSS/INS

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M5 is a highly-versatile, high-resolution multibeam echo sounder, which is also extremely simple to use and to install on the vehicle. The tightly coupled GNSS INS makes it easy to integrate even on ultra-small vehicles and very quick to mobilize. Its hydrodynamic form factor and its low power consumption makes it the perfect choice for small autonomous surface vehicles, data acquisition included.

Baywei M2 Multibeam Sonar

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M2 is a highly-versatile, high-resolution multibeam echo sounder which is also extremely simple to use and to integrate. Universities (Engineering, Robotics, Archeology etc.) will find this affordable cutting-edge sonar to be the perfect choice for advanced programs. The hydrodynamic form factor and low power consumption makes M2 the ideal choice for small autonomous surface vehicles and AUVs alike.

About Products

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Offshore Investigation of the Greek Colony of Selinunte


A productivity investigation in extreme shallow water revealed an interesting geological structure

Baywei Equipment

Lake Héviz Case Study


Mapping of extreme shallow coastal area in Gdynia,



Bathymetry in an Old Shipyard: Mapping the history for future development in Szczecin, Poland

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About Baywei

Who we are:

Baywei offers high-quality sonar technology (the same quality available form the most renowned brands) at an affordable price. The ideal product for the price-conscious customer.

At Baywei we believe in making underwater exploration simpler and more accessible. We believe in automation and robotics. We believe that the exploration of our littoral waters and lakes Is crucial to develop the next BLUE economy.

Our customers:

Survey companies, universities and scientists, vehicle manufacturers, underwater vehicle manufacturers

Our Products:

A line of state of the art, super compact, space saving, light and hydrodynamically efficient multibeam echo sounders for a wide variety of applications

Product line:

Baywei M2 - Super compact, high performance Multibeam echo sounder

Baywei M5 - Multibeam echo sounder with integrated GNSS INS

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